Interregional Business Conference in "New Moscow"

On March 13, the Interregional Business Conference of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Moscow region was successfully held in the new building of the Public Business Center of the Administration of New Moscow special district in the place of Kommunarka. This event was attended by over 150 people - representatives of business and administration of settlements in the new territories of Moscow. At the conference, the creation of a Business Council of new territories was announced, an Agreement on cooperation between the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Moscow Region was signed.

After the accession of new territories to Moscow, entrepreneurs who had previously worked in the Moscow region, had new opportunities. They spread all the measures to support the capital business. And so that businessmen of New Moscow with greater comfort established partnerships with the economic structures of the capital, a special division was created at the site of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) - New Moscow branch, which was entrusted to the head of the Italian Commission Konstantin Krokhin.

- The most important task of this division is to bring to the interested entrepreneurs comprehensive information on business support measures in the capital, investment and tax incentives, as well as on new support formats for MCCI members in the context of rapid development of information technologies and growing competition in domestic and foreign markets. The Moscow Chamber has extensive experience in international cooperation, reliable relations with foreign companies and investors, an extensive membership base and partnerships with the structures of the Moscow Government, ”said Konstantin Krokhin, director of the branch office of the MCCI in the “New Moscow” territory.

Vladimir Zhidkin, Head of the New Territories Development Department of the City of Moscow:

- New territories are increasingly becoming an alternative business center of the capital. The infrastructure received an impetus for rapid development: interchanges were designed that unloaded the traffic flow, metro stations were opened, and the development of the Comcity office park made it possible to attract more than 12 large companies. Six and a half years of successful development of New Moscow confirm the role of productive interaction between investors and the authorities of the capital, which has a positive effect on the development of the city and business.

The volunteer students from the  Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration gave considerable assistance to the Business Conference. The Institute of Public Administration and Management of the RANEPA has long-standing partnerships with the MCCI, so students of the Academy have the opportunity to practice and work in the Chamber, as well as participate in international internships in the Italian direction.



Since July 1st 2012 the territory of the city increased in 2.5 times by the addition of the environmentally friendly land, which is previously belonged to the Moscow region.

Currently, the population of New Moscow is about 240 thousand people, according to experts in 25 years the population will reach 1.5 million inhabitants. There were created two new districts: Novomoskovsk and Troitski.

The main priorities of the New Moscow project are the creation of new centers of socio-economic attraction, the development of transport infrastructure, low-rise and environmentally friendly construction, zoning of the territory, the involvement of the partners for the design and management activities, business development.

The total amount of new construction in Moscow in 2013 was 9 million square meters, 3 million square meters of it - housing. Very soon the increase of housing on the attached territories will grow to 7 million square meters per year.

Areas for investment:

New Moscow is interested in attracting private investment.

Investments are required for the development of the transport system, for the housing construction and infrastructure with high comfort level, for the creation of clusters (scientific, educational and medical, innovation, logistics and industrial, administrative and business), for the beautification of parks and recreation areas.

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